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About Scott Helm

Scott R. Helm Massatherapist with passion

I am an independent massage therapist. I practice an intuitive massage that treats the whole person This type of massage uses the body's ability to heal itself, to reduce dysfunctions and break the cycle of pain.  I have been practicing in Lee County for over 15 years. Wile holding a varaity  of positions at area massage schools. From Assistant Instructor to Director of Education.  

My Services


Massage is a gentle & effective therapy that can help you cope with  pain and stress. 

Massage lengthen and relax muscles, expands range of motion, improves blood circulation and skin tone, lessens the work of the heart and speeds metabolism

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape will help the body heal itself. It create a space to help circulatory and nervous function. This treatment is a great combination with massage therapy

Heat and Sound Therapy

Heat Therapy we use hot stones or towels to enhance your massage. 

To enhance the relaxation and meditation we use play brass and crystal bowls with the massage

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